Start training your puppy today!

Puppies learn incredibly quickly - and this includes all the things you wish they wouldn't do, as well as all the things you want! 

Sarah Whitehead is an internationally renown behaviour and training specialist, and this online course is designed to help your puppy build good habits right from the start, as well as confidence and manners - by learning all the basics of training through kind, positive methods.



The programme is designed to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable for you, your family and your puppy. 


Together, you can achieve exceptional results in just four weeks (or less!) 


What we cover in the Programme:

We include tons of information in this course for maximum benefit! All this in just one course....

  • Look at me (Puppy to give you instant attention, even when distracted)
  • No biting! (How to stop puppy biting and mouthing)
  • Sit (With no need to push)
  • Down (Response to one quiet cue)
  • Settle down (So you can enjoy the pub or cafe (eventually!) with your pup)
  • Come when called (Essential!)
  • Walk nicely on the lead (There's no excuse for pulling)
  • Stay (For safety, and control)
  • Roll-over (Fun, and useful for towelling and grooming)

At an introductory price of JUST £27, and with 14 training lessons PLUS owner guides and progress trackers, this is INCREDIBLE value for money!

AND as an additional bonus we have included our award-winning Puppy Survival Guide and Hands Off digital booklets (worth £10) to give you even more sanity-saving information.


Our course includes:

  • 1

    Welcome to the Clever Dog Company Online Puppy Training Programme

    • Welcome to the Clever Dog Company Online Puppy Training Programme

  • 2

    Before we start... some useful info that may just save your sanity!

    • Help with puppy biting!

    • Does your puppy need a diet change?

    • Your Dog's Dictionary

    • Choosing food rewards to use in training

    • How to make tuna cake

    • About clicker training

  • 3

    Training lessons

    • 1. Does your pup think his name is 'no'?! Let's change his mind!

    • 2. Sit!

    • 3. Sit - without the lure

    • 4. Down!

    • 5. Sit up from the down position

    • 6. Down, without luring

    • 7. Down (under the leg) for pups that need a little more help

    • 8. Stay

    • 9. Basic recall

    • Five times NOT to call your dog!

    • 10. Food circuits for recall practise

    • 11. Settle down

    • 12. Roll-over (for fun, and to improve the fast 'down')

    • 13. Two-toy retrieve (or how to get your dog to bring the toy to you!)

    • 14. Walking on a loose lead (parts 1 and 2)

  • 4

    Week-by-week training reminders

    • Week One training tasks reminder

    • Week Two training tasks reminder

    • Week Three training tasks reminder

    • Week Four training tasks reminder

    • Week Five - Well done!!!!

  • 5

    Puppy Guides - lots of handy info on a variety of topics

    • How to stuff a Kong!

    • Help! My Puppy Just Won't Settle

    • Indoor Crate Training Guide

    • Dominant dog, or clever dog?

    • Got two puppies from the same litter?

    • Is this your second dog at home? What you need to know!

  • 6

    Track your pup's progress!

    • Puppy Behaviour Progress Chart

    • Your pup's training progress chart

  • 7

    Training Aids

    • Training aids to help you and your puppy

  • 8

    Bonus Digital Booklets!

    • Bonus 1: Award-winning 'Puppy Survival Guide'

    • Bonus 2: Award-winning 'Hands Off!' Digital Booklet