Think Dog! Certificate in Canine Behaviour & Training.

Parts One and Two

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These unique and applied canine behaviour courses provide a sound understanding of dog behaviour and training. This complete  course is home-study based, illustrated throughout, with accompanying video material and assessments. 

The courses represent the cutting edge of modern behaviour theories and practice. 

Who is the bundle for?

The complete ThinkDog! Certificate Programme is for all those who want to further their own knowledge of dog behaviour and training, either to expand their skill base or as the start of a whole new career. 

It focuses on experience and understanding, not simply academic theory, and includes case studies, Sarah's approach to behaviour cases, training methodology and common behaviour issues in dogs. Practical application is continually in mind. This is a Programme for those who want to genuinely help dogs and their owners, not just learn about theory.

It really is life-changing education!

If you want to become proficient in helping others resolve issues with their dogs and design a future for yourself that is both compelling and achievable, there’s no better place to start.

What we cover in both parts of the course...


Module One. A historical perspective of Dog Training, the social evolution and domestication of dogs, and dominance theories.

Module Two. Factors affecting Canine behaviour, health and diet, stress, veterinary treatment and training.

Module Three. The principles of learning, punishment v rewards, factors affecting training; clicker training and crate training.

Module Four. Canine aggression, why do dogs use aggression, why they choose to use.  On lead and off lead aggression.

Module Five. Behaviour Problems, Assessment and Methodology; common issues, jumping up, stealing separation, fear.

Unique features (Part One):

  • Illustrated, up-to-the-minute course notes for 2021
  • Webinars and audio guides from Sarah
  • Video material demonstrating real case histories
  • Downloadable Certificate on pass and completion


Module One: Behaviour, Cognition and Emotion. A fascinating look at the recognition and effects of canine emotion on behaviour and learning, examining body language as an expression of emotional states. If you are addicted to dog-watching, you'll love the ideas presented here. 

Module Two: The Role of Reinforcement. Canine behaviour is dependent on rewards, but just how dogs view these will depend on their breed, previous history and their training. It also depends on us - as professionals - realising that sometimes reinforcement comes in the most subtle of forms. This Module looks at how behavioural problems are affected by reinforcements and how they can be modified with care and skill.

Module Three: Training methods. Training attitudes and methods have been transformed in the last decade: they are an integral part of good behavioural management and modification. This Module examines what we can offer pet owners and how it can help change lives! Videos of all the most common exercises and how Sarah trains them are given in this Module. It's truly invaluable. 

Module Four: How to approach behaviour cases. This Module looks in-depth at how clinical issues can affect canine behaviour, how to take an effective case history, how to help your client create achievable goals - and how to reach them! We talk about owner motivation, support, feedback and how to make the 'dreaded' report writing much less painful! 

This Module also encompasses some ideas about different approaches in behaviour work - such as 'done for you' training - and why this might be just the thing for some clients (and some trainers too!) 


Unique features (Part Two):

  • Illustrated, up-to-the-minute course notes for 2021
  • Webinars and audio guides from Sarah
  • Videos of training sessions
  • Video material demonstrating real case histories
  • Downloadable Certificate on pass and completion

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