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I’m sure you’ll agree, Sex, Hormones and Neutering is one of the most controversial subjects in the dog world and one that is so little understood by ‘so called’ experts (and even some of the veterinary profession). I thought it was about time that we shed light on this matter that seems to have more grey areas than that well-known book!   


There are more myths and beliefs in this area than any other, and while there is some good science out there, it can be like wading through treacle to get to it (and trust me, I’d know having researched this in-depth for the last two years!).


It’s time to start looking at this topic in a different way. It’s not just about the physiological aspect, we need to consider the very individual behavioural and emotional impact sex, hormones and neutering can have on our dogs.


For over two years I have intensively, systematically, passionately (and often painstakingly!) worked to put together the most comprehensive, in-depth online course on this fascinating subject. It’s the result of hundreds of research papers, thousands of hours of study, questioning and a global search to uncover experts who are pioneering the very best science and cutting-edge data on this subject.


The course has 7 hours of engaging video lessons, helpful owner guides and multitudes of the best research articles I have unearthed on this very misunderstood topic.


To list what this course covers here would not do it justice (and make this page too long to read!) but here’s a snippet of what’s included:

  • The truth about testosterone and aggression
  • The implications of neutering for fearful dogsWhat mounting behaviours really mean
  • The boys and the girls (biologically)
  • The secret life of hormones
  • The lifetime effects of neutering on the dog (this is game changing!)
  • And much, MUCH more !

Early on, I decided that this complex subject needed to be covered in an accessible way – so all the information is presented in video lessons – over seven hours of them in total – plus owner guides (for you to give to you clients) and LOTS of the very best research articles I have unearthed on this topic.
In six modules we cover:  
  • The Boys - just when you thought you knew everything about dogs!
  • The Girls - some surprises here too!
  • Mounting - because there's so much more to it than reproduction
  • Neutering (2 modules PLUS bonus module, guest interview with internationally renowned reproductive expert, Michelle Kutzler)
  • Case Histories - from my own files
  • Fully Interactive Quiz


    This course isn’t for everyone – it’s for those trainers, behaviourists and professionals who want to be truly ahead of the curve. It’s in-depth, tackles lots of ‘accepted knowledge’ and will challenge your views with cutting-edge science and research. It’s not a ‘run of the mill’ training programme, that's for sure!


    Against all the advice, I’ve decided to offer this, (which when I look back I’m guessing will probably be 

    one of my life’s most important works,) for just £495, including VAT.


    Get instant LIFETIME access to this online course now!

Join me in being one of the very few who can look at this topic from all aspects - biological, clinical, behavioural and cultural - in order to be able to help owners make the right choices for their dogs.