Experience Sarah's popular lecture filmed LIVE at the Inner Circle Convention 2017! … now you can enjoy it online from the comfort of your own home.

...Years ago, if our dogs showed fear, we were told to ‘make them’ – whether that was walking into the vets, having their nails trimmed, or coping with firework night. Things changed, and for the past 20 odd years, we have been told that although we should be more compassionate when our dogs are fearful, we should ignore them if they are scared, because otherwise we run the risk of reinforcing it.  

This has always seemed strange to me. Dogs are a social species who look to each other – and us – for comfort and security. We wouldn’t ignore a member of our family who was scared, so why our dogs?

However, before you jump into each others’ arms (or paws) at the merest hint of something scary, beware… things may not be quite as they seem, and we need to be mindful of both the facts and the possibilities in the real world when helping our dogs in times of stress.

At just over an hour in duration, 'Fear in Dogs' is a fascinating and informative lecture from world renown specialist , and one that will inform your behaviour!

In this course:

  • To cuddle or not to cuddle?

    Sarah examines the idea that reassurance 'reinforces fear' and asks whether this is scientifically accurate

  • We're not getting any younger...

    Sarah examines both the emotional and behavioural aspects of this issue and discusses why she thinks desensitisation alone is not the answer

  • Practical suggestions

    Practical suggesstions for the real world plus a written 'Owner Guide' for you to download and distribute

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Fear in Dogs

Filmed as a live lecture, this is the first time Sarah has put this material on general release

  • Just over an hour of Sarah's exclusive presentation

  • Filmed live at the Inner Circle Conference 2017

  • Plus written Owner Guide - downloadable pdf