An amazing 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic - and it's likley that many of them have never been to the pub before! 


So, while we might be wondering whether our social skills are up to the job of being back at the pub as lockdown rules in England are relaxed from 12th April, spare a thought for your dog too - especially if he or she will be heading there for the first time ever. 

Lockdown has dramatically reduced socialisation opportunities for our dogs, and especially for those who are now in a ‘sensitive’ teenage stage, this is even more important to recognise. The pub garden may seem like fun to us, but to our dogs it can be a strange and overwhelming experience.

Here's a quick (and free!) guide on how to make sure that you all have a good time.

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Sarah Whitehead is an internationally renowned speaker, best-selling author and global leading authority on canine behaviour and training.  

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