It’s crazy busy that road. 

That’s why your driving instructor didn’t start your lessons there. 

No, instead she took you to a quiet area, with wide roads and very little traffic. She let you build ‘motor patterns’ (excuse the pun!) first, as you discovered you have to work your hands and feet together. She let you practise road positioning, the feel of the accelerator under your foot. She helped you build habits, so that you didn’t have to think about which side the indicator was or checking your mirror before you set off – all those things were second nature by the time you even went on an ‘A’ road, let alone a motorway. 

And so it should also be withwith training…

Here's a quick (and free!) guide on how to approach training with your dog to get the best results.


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Sarah Whitehead is an internationally renowned speaker, best-selling author and global leading authority on canine behaviour and training.  

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