Separation SOS!

Does your dog love you just too much? 

Can't bear to be parted from you for even a minute?

Have you been reluctant to leave your puppy, and now realise that you are a prisoner in your own home? 

Sarah Whitehead is an internationally renown behaviour and training specialist, and this online course is designed to help your puppy or dog cope (and be content) with being left for short periods of time without you, all using kind, positive, behaviourally-sound methods.



The programme is designed to give you a good understanding of your dog's needs, explain why separation anxiety is essentially 'normal', and what we need to do to prevent it and treat it: so that you can go out without guilt, and your dog will be fine while you do so.

At an introductory price of JUST £39, and with 10 training lessons PLUS five bonus owner guides, this is INCREDIBLE value for money!

Please note. This Programme is designed to prevent and treat mild separation issues in puppies and older dogs. If your dog is suffering severe separation distress then you need to seek professional help via your veterinary surgeon. Trust me, I'm a behaviourist!


Sign up today at the introductory price of JUST £39 (It's better than having to buy new furniture!)

Our course includes:

  • 1

    Welcome to Sarah Whitehead's 'Separation SOS'

    • A hello from Sarah (and Mouse!)

    • The surprising truth.... (That no one else will tell you!)

    • Need another reason to take action?

  • 2

    The thing you need is a plan!

    • What your plan looks like

    • 1. Attachment, not addiction

    • 2. Right, from the start

    • 3. Set yourself up for success

    • 4. Basic management (not sexy, but oh, so important)

    • 5. Settle down (it's an art!)

    • 6. Diet and your dog's behaviour

    • 7. Independence Training

    • 8. Entertainment and employment

    • 9. Not going out?

    • 10. Whose separation anxiety is it anyway?!

  • 3

    Your dog's behaviour plan - overview

    • Your dog's behaviour plan - overview

    • Sarah's 3-step Separation Problems Prevention plan

  • 4

    Bonus Behaviour Guides - lots of handy info on a variety of topics

    • How to stuff a Kong!

    • Help! My Puppy Just Won't Settle

    • Crate training

    • Indoor Crate Training Guide

    • Got two puppies from the same litter?

    • Is this your second dog at home? What you need to know!