What you will learn:

  • Why run puppy classes?
  • Aims and objectives.
  • Structure and content. 
  • Practical applications of learning theory. Methodology. Reinforcers. Teaching the seven basic exercises.  Use of equipment. 
  • Recognising and evaluating punishments. 
  • The human end of the lead. 
  • Transferring knowledge – presentation skills. 
  • Qualities of a puppy class instructor and class evaluation. 
  • Solutions to common problems. Goal setting and reinforcing for success. Practical shaping skills – clicker training. Group dynamics, trouble shooting – difficult dogs and challenging people. 
  • Promotional and business ideas. 
  • Managing off-lead sessions safely and for maximum benefit

Who is this course for?

Those who are already running puppy classes/puppy parties, assisting at a class, or those who aspire to do so in the future.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Training for the Future: Puppy Class Instructor's Course

    • Welcome! From Sarah Whitehead

    • About Sarah

    • Reading list

    • About Laser Learning external accreditation, and our commitment to industry standards

    • About writing assignments and submitting work

    • How to write an essay for your assignments

  • 2

    Module #1:

    • Introduction

    • 1.1 What is a puppy class?

    • Bonus material: The hidden risks of uncontrolled puppy parties (pdf)

    • 1.2 Why run puppy classes?

    • 1.3 Objectives of puppy classes - socialisation, habituation and stress immunisation

    • 1.4 Objectives - Helping owners with puppy biting

    • 1.5 Puppy Biting and Bite Inhibition - Part One, with Sarah Whitehead

    • 1.6 Puppy Biting and Bite Inhibition - Part Two, with Sarah Whitehead

    • 1.7 Puppy Biting - owner guide

    • 1.8 Objectives - Training and prevention of problems

    • 1.9 Factors affecting learning in a puppy class

    • Owner Guide - Does your puppy need a diet change?

    • 1.10 Structure and content

    • 1.11 Some other practicalities to consider

    • Module One: Work to be completed

  • 3

    Module #2:

    • 2.1 The practical applications of learning theory

    • 2.2 Real people, real puppies

    • 2.3 Training methods

    • Audio Guide: Why I don't 'charge' the clicker

    • 2.4 Reinforcement strategies

    • 2.5 Seven essential exercises

    • Bonus webinar: Walking nicely on the lead, for Instructors, Part One

    • Bonus webinar: Walking nicely on the lead, for Instructors, Parts Two & Three

    • 2.6 Equipment

    • Module Two: Work to be completed for your tutor

  • 4

    Module #3:

    • 3.1 The human end of the lead

    • 3.2 Facilitating learning

    • 3.3 Evaluation

    • 3.4 Off-lead play

    • 3.5 Breed characteristics

    • 3.6 Common ‘challenges’!

    • Module Three: Work to be completed for your tutor

    • Module Three: Work to be completed for your tutor, Part A

    • Module Three: Work to be completed for your tutor, Part B

    • Module Three: Work to be completed for your tutor, Part C

  • 5

    Module #4:

    • 4.1 Observation! Observation! Observation!

  • 6

    What's next?

    • Congratulations!

    • What's next?

How is the course delivered? 

This course is all online, so you can access it when and wherever you want. You will have 12 months access to the Programme, so you can complete it at your own pace.

The Programme is delivered via webinars from Sarah, including multiple images and video, as well as supporting written materials for you to read.

Sarah has also created useful pdf owner guides for you to download and use with clients… she’s written them, so you don’t have to!


What will you gain from this course?

This Programme is not intended to make you into a canine behaviour specialist.  However, it is designed to give you useful skills and confidence to run Puppy training classes and recognising how and where you can help owners with their puppies, how to choose between different training methods and strategies and how to apply theory to real-life practice.

Training for the Future:Puppy Class Instructor's Course - Assessed

  • Up-to-the-minute

    Up-to-the-minute ideas, strategies and methods that you can apply straight away to help puppies (and owners!)

  • Behaviour focus

    Course content guides you through how Sarah approaches common behaviour in puppies and how to prevent, through text, video and audio guides

  • Written, visual and audio

    Course content is presented via written material, videos, webinars and audio guides, including a real case history